Super Charge Your Master Cleanser
With Neera Super Cleanse

Neera Super Cleanse
Detox and cleanse
 with the added
benefit of losing
up to 12 pounds
in 5-7 days.
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 Packages Include:
Madal Bal Syrup
Cayenne Pepper
Laxative Tea
Instructional handbook

Select  package(s)
by number of days
you wish to cleanse.
Design Your Own Fragrance Kit
A two drawer mini storage chest with everything needed to design your own unique fragrance or scent.

1 - Mini 2 Drawer Storage
      Design Chest
1 - Instructional Brochure
1 - 1oz. his or her bottle
9 - 2 dram -Essential Oils
1 - 2 dram -Bridge Oil
1 - 2oz. - Carrier Oil
1 - 3.3oz. - Alcohol
5 - Design Notes
5 - Tester Strips
5 -  Pipettes
5 - 1 dram blend bottles
5 - 8ml Spray Mist testers
      or sample bottles
Signature Fragrance 1oz. bottle for Her

Signature Cologne
1oz. bottle for Him

Anti-Aging Cream

with state of skin care ingredients.  Start uncovering smoother, firmer, brighter, even tone, acne free skin in
3 steps in 1 day.